Datacentre Support

Datacentre Support

One of the key factors of a reliable IT infrastructure is a highly available datacentre and on-site support. An acceptable quality level can only be provided when tasks work flows, software system, certification, clear Service Level Agreements and reliable engineers work as one. One of the most efficient ways to achieve this goal is an inhouse Single Point of Contact (SPoC) and the VGI AB has the experiences in providing you this information advantage.

Datacentre-Providers these days are huge and rather non-transparent companies with global processes and guidelines. How could a rather small or medium-sized company compete with these global players?  -  Quite simple! The best way is to implement a sole position within your company who managed everything and who will gain you the benefit you'll need.

We do have very experienced colleages who held several of those positions at our costomers. Just temporarily oder even permanently over many many years of a productive business relationship. Personnel, who is able to function as a junction between your company and ist needs towards your huge and often impersonel datacentre provider. An excellemt datacentre support, as we understand it, is on the one hand based on clear structures and procedures/processes such as a good and open communication towards your DC-Provider and on the other hand on a sufficient technical expertise when it comes to datacentre hard-skills like a clean rack administration, perfect labeling of your hardware as well as all necessary documentation at hand, when you need it.

This all includes tasks like receiving hardware from your supplier and transport it to your datacenter, comply to all access-procedures of your DC-Provider at all times, keeping track of your DC-Providers engineers, making photos for your firm documentation, adding the hardware (administrative planning) to your colocation racks and describing or reporting Hardware errors and many more tasks.

Only if your internal SPoC-Position is covered by competent and communicative Person, your IT infrastructure will never let you down!