IT Consulting

IT Consulting, Project Management & PMO

Certainly a highly qualified and method oriented (ITIL, Prince, ISO/IEC) project management and consulting service is often the main key to fullfil all targeted project objectives set by any customer today. Keeping all given timelines, meeting budget guidelines or being most cost-efficient are just some of the hard-targets set in our todays world of ecomonmics. However, by focussing on the above mentioned issues, nearly everyone underestimates the special challenges in todays modern world.

Only a small handful of customers and companys realizes the so-called soft-targets. Parallel to focussing on all the hard-targets, one should not underestimate many important challenges like e.g. welding together your team-members by simultaneously overcoming possible cultural barriers or evaluating the lack of knowledge of some project-related backgrounds or needs of a special clients.

Here, the VGI Data AB could offer especially tailored solutions to meet even those requirements. For example by selecting and adding specialized personnel to your internal portefolio to meet your team-efforts at its best or by increasing your team-moral and team-performance through creating a specific "vision" and many reachable "missions" for your team. Both our staff in project management as well as in PMO and the consulting Services are regularly prepared by internal Trainings and workshops on the changing needs within our fast-changing IT world. We have already proved this interaction between hard- and soft-targets to be a significant and powerful combination many times before; e.g. within the financial sector and within parts of the industrial sector as well, where the main focus is of the shared objectives are slightly different of Course. 

IT Service & Administration

Based on our experience in the field of the first and second level support our colleages are cable of supporting both, older products as well as the latest trends on the market. This extends the range over the commonly used Microsoft Office products, mail applications such as Lotus Notes or Citrix-based user interfaces as well as specific, proprietary applications such as Remedy or HP Quality Center. For our colleages, the aim is always to provide the best service to our costomers and their Clients. A friendly, helpful, solution-oriented and competent behavior are equivalent value points in todays business world as the best technical expertise in application support.

A functioning and running server infrastructure is the vital heart of any smooth business operation. Both, the correct configuration and monitoring, and the availability and performance are crucial factors for an optimal everyday business. Our colleages support our customers in the areas of setup, operation and Monitoring. IN close communication with our customers we also place special emphasis on getting the required certification based on the  .

In addition, we are able to offer an enhanced service to our customers, for example, a needed 24/7 application monitoring, emergency services or a corresponding remote assistance with instant problemsolution on operational basis