Business coaching

Business coaching / Personal coaching

Business coaching is closely related to the common known Personal Coaching. In both areas a coach encourages self-reflection and self-perception of his clients, helping them to (re-)gain access to their vital ressources and to be able to use them effectively. Possible work topics might include: decision conflicts, role conflicts, job finding meaning, relationship management, leadership enhancement, value orientation, challenges, life planning in the tension between private and professional life, family, visions and goals.

A good management is often expressed through an exceptional relationship work and communication skills. Whether through individual or team coaching, our clients gain clarity and presence in every respect.
Good leadership calls on the personality, to give a clear attitude orientation, ensure results and initiate developments. Good leadership is acting movable under pressure and moves people positively. Leadership Coaching encourages thinking and relationship skills holistically. Whether refreshing your leadership knowledge, your natural and effective presence and a good communication without anyrelationship fouls right up to managerial culture that accents for performance and development continues; we will guide your way.
Leadership is characterized by the ability and the power to overcome limits. My guidance-coaching invites to grow beyond your own limits and patterns also in thought and action ("Leading by example"). 

My coaching promotes a strong position, a movable and consistent control, both operationally and strategically, and it could give you the efficiency of your whole personality.